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Sold in packs of 100 these blank white high quality plastic cards are perfect for loyalty, membership, and ID cards. These white plastic cards are compatible with all of our ID card printers. Our blank plastic cards are 760-micron in thickness; this is the standard size of the majority of blank white cards. They’re also CR80 sized (86 x 54mm) this is the standard size for cards, like your debit or credit card.


Key Features Include:

  • Sold in packs of 100
  • Ideal for printing ID cards, travel passes, loyalty, membership cards
  • CR80 credit card sized (86 x 54mm)
  • A high-quality finish applied to the face of the card
  • Also known as; plain white cards, blank white plastic cards, blank white plastic cards

This cards corresponds with the following manufacturer part numbers:

  • Fargo Ultracard 81754
  • HID 11000160 and 1100-0160
  • Magicard M9006-793
  • Nisca KGCD8030100
  • Zebra 104523-111 and 104523-116
  • Evolis C4006

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